When communities take the information highway II : education in Yaoundé

QSF program: Specialized

Tuesday 6 July 2010

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1. Partners :

A. Southern host organisation


PROTEGE QV is a Cameroonian rights assocation whose mission it is to promote individual and collective initiative that target environmental protection and contributes to an increased quality fo life for Cameroonian families.

It’s main objectives are as follows:
 to solicit the active participation of development actors and increase their quality of life
 rural development
 promotion of technological research solutions to local problems and natural resource management
 promotion and appropriation of information technologies to facilitate attainment of the Millenium Goals

B. Quebec partener organisation


Connecting Communities

Communautique’s mission is to support civic participation by promoting information literacy, appropriation of information and communications technologies and contribution to their development.

Its objectives are:
 Enhance access to ICTs and to the Internet
 Promote resourcefulness and self-reliance among voluntary sector groups, citizens and within the community environment
 Create a democratic cyber-culture
 Combat socioeconomic exclusion and unequal access to ICTs

2. Internship objectives

In Quebec :

The interns and the accompanier on this project will be hired on a paid internship with Communautique as part of their pre-departure training

Duration of the paid internship : from mid-september 2010 to the beginning of march 2011
Conditions : 14$ per hour, 28 hour per week (maximum)


 Facilitate basic computer litteracy workshops in internet commnity access centers (CACI))
 Train volunteers in animation of an access center.
 Evaluate workshops and compile statistics
 Prepare on a regular basis workshops and produce training material
 Promote the activities of the CACI to the public, produce the advertising material.
 Participate in the other activities of the center.
 Participate in trainings and team meetings
 Participate in the update of the website of the access center
 Other related tasks


Region, city or village: Yaoundé, Biyem-Assi

Résumé of internship objectives:
 Facilitate Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) workshops to the 500 students and 20 teachers of the Biyem-Assi school;
 Support a concrete community experience aiming to the empowerment of collectivity, in particular as regards to education, information and communication.
 Consolidate the knowledge of teachers and students of the school-Assi Biyem ICT received during Phase 1 of the project.
 Bring a technical assistance in improving the computer science club of Biyem-Assi school.
 Share Alternatives and Communautique knowledge in terms of ICT.
 Acquire practical knowledge in animation of the community sector for ICT for development.
 Undertake public awareness activities to sensitize Quebecois to issues related to cameroonian sustainable development
Résumé of field activities:
 Prepare and facilitate ICT workshops for the students and teachers of Biyem-Assi school
 Participate in improving the computer science club room of Biyem-Assi School
 Facilitate workshops on internet and computer security for the teachers of Biyem-Assi school
 In collaboration with the host organization, produce training material
 Facilitate the programming of collaborative projects and participate in the production of management tools for the computer club

  Number of participants : 7 interns and 1 accompanier
 Overseas placement : From 7 March to 7 May 2011 (60 days)
 Pre-departure training : From 20 September 2010 to 7 March 2011

3. Application criteria

Eligibility requirements for participating interns

 Be at least 18 and not older than 35 years old ;
 Have a permanent address in Quebec for at least over the past year
 Have Canadian citizenship status or permanent residency status
 Be subscribed to post-secondary studies and/or having completed at least one class in a post-secondary degree.
 Be unemployed or underemployed at the beginning of the internship
 Show proof of interest for international development issues and North-South dynamics
 Demonstrate interpersonal capacities appropriate for living and working in a multicultural context
 Demonstrate the interpersonal capacities appropriate for living and working in a multicultural context
 Be ready to participate in all steps of the internship (fund raising, pre-departure training, overseas placement, return activities)
 Be in good health (a medical certificate will be required if you are accepted into the program)
 Not have already participated in a Québec sans frontières internship program and not have already participated in an overseas internship in a "southern" country for more than six weeks
 Have a good knowledge of French

 Have a proven interest for comunications and alternative media
 Knowledge of computers and Internet (including: surfing, installing and managing computer hardware and software)
 Have a proven interest for the community sector
 A good knowledge of HTML and web page design

Accompagnateur :

 Be at least 21 years of age at the beginning of the overseas placement
 Have permanent residency in Quebec for at least the past year
 Have Canadian citizenship status or permanent residency status
 Have a secondary V diploma
 Have a proven interest in international development issues and North-South dynamics
 Demonstrate a capacity for coordinating an intern group
 Demonstrate interpersonal capacities appropriate for living and working in a multicultural context
 Be in good health (if your candidacy is retained, a medical certificate will be required)
 Be ready to participate in all steps of the internship (fund raising, pre-departure training, overseas placement, return activities)
 Have a good knowledge of French

 Have already undertaken a cooperation internship in the internship country or region
 Demonstrate an interest for communications, alternative media and ICT.

4. How to apply

To submit your application, you should send your curriculum vitae as well as a cover letter with the form below.

Clic here to submit your application

deadline to submit your application: 17 August 2010, 5:00 pm

5. Dates and deadlines:

27 August 2010: Deadline to submit your applicatio

Week of 6 September 2010: Interviews and selection

Week of 20 September 2010: Beginning of the pre-departure training

Info-internship evenings

You have questions or you would like to know more about our internship programs? We’ll be holding an information evening on 19 August 2010 starting from 5pm

3720, ave. Du Parc (corner Des Pins)
2nd floor
Métro Place-des-Arts

Another information evening will be held in September

6. For more information

Consult our FAQs.

For more information on Québec Sans Frontières internships, you can contact our internship project officer:

Caroline Tagny at 514-982-6606

For more information on the Québec sans frontières program, click here.

7. Sign up to the Info-stages list!

This e-bulletin will keep you up to date on upcoming internships and more.

To apply, please send back this message

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