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Urban agriculture in Bamako, a public health approach

15 July 2008

Alternatives, in collaboration with Québec’s Ministère des relations internationales has organized the ’Urban agriculture in Bamako, a public health approach’ internship project, part of our Quebec Sans Frontiere Program. You can follow our interns presently in Mali by reading our interns’ blog.

1. Southern host organisation:

Clubs Kayira de l’Association des Radios libres Kayira

The ’Réseau des Radios Libres et des Clubs Kayira’ is a democratic watch dog organisation, its mandate is to raise awareness and undertake popular education on:
- local, national and international news, reported impartially and independently
- Helping bring together large numbers of citizens to undertake civic education trainings to found the basis of participatory democracy
- Take an active part in informing the public health, hygiene and environmental issues
- Give a voice to associations and all citizens who otherwise have no forum in which to express themselves
- Combat the dissemination of ideas and principles founded on intolerance, racism, exclusion and xenophobia
- Opening the radio station to a diversity of cultural expression (artist presentations and musical presentations, theater and cinema) from Mali and elsewhere.

2. Internship objectives

Region, city or village : Bamako

Résumé of the internship objectives:
- Allow young Québecers to share in a meaningful international solidary experience with Malian culture
- Foster the acquision of urban agriculture work experience in a way that impacts the candidate’s personal and career path
- Promote urban agriculture and ecological practices in the North and the South
- Support a community development initiative that aims to enhance the community’s autonomy and revenue generating activities
- Share the Alternatives’ knowledge and best practice in urban agriculture, especially with regards to hydroponics and permaculture
- Foster an opportunity for interns to integrate into the daily routine of an international cooperation organization

Résumé of field activities:
- A visit of the urban agriculture porjects of our Malian partners
- Set up a vegetable plot (physical modification of a terrace)
- Urban agriculture work with a partner from the South
- Deliver workshops on a variety of themes, including hydroponic growing techniques and waste management including recycling and recuperation, using established urban agriculture principles aligned with public health standards

-  Number of participants : 8 interns and 1 accompagnier
- Overseas placement : From 15 June 2009 to 14 August 2009 (60 days)
- Pre-departure training : From 10 November 2008 to 15 June 2009

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