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Social communications in Niger

30 March 2004

Alternatives has been well established in Niger for more then five years via our partner, the Groupe Alternative, based in Niamey. Formed from the student movement of the early 1990s, the Groupe Alternative benefits a great deal from Alternatives Canada contributions; in particular through our program of institutional development, financed by the program Solidarité Canada Sahel, of which Alternatives is a member.

We have supported the different publications of the Groupe Alternative: Espaces Citoyens, Espaces Femmes and Espaces Jeunes. These monthly magazines, distributed to the majority of the country, are important forums for analyses and exchanges for local civil society in Niger.

Since August 2003, we set up the Radio Alternative. Twelve hours a day, the citizens of Niamey and the surrounding area can tune in to 99,4 FM in order to find programs on public affairs, popular education and desertification.

We have also contributed to developing other communication tools for womens groups, young people and farmers in Niger. The Groupe Alternative has started a video production department, as well as cybercafé introducing new information technologies to the youth. Documentary videos on the environment, desertification and cultural diversity are being produced in collaboration with other associations. Web sites are also being set up for Niger civil society groups, and hosted on the Groupe Alternative’s server.

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