Saturday 16 July 2005, by ALTERNATIVES

2005 Alternatives Days

From local action to global citizenship

It is :

• More than 100 resource people, committed social activists, from all over Quebec and Canada.

• Dozens of international guests from : Iraq, Haiti, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Pakistan, Palestine, Israel, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DROC), Mali...

• More than 600 participants.

• Areas for debates and discussions : workshops, panels, round table discussions, literary cafés.

• Many cultural events : shows, presentations, exhibitions, films, theatre, performances, music.

• Bustling places : Cinémathèque québécoise, Maison Théâtre, Cégep du Vieux-Montréal, cafés in the Latin Quarter and outdoor stage.

• A green concept : the event will keep its garbage and fuel emissions to a minimum. Let’s apply the principles that we advocate, let’s all get involved !

Three themes :




Areas bursting with activities :

1. “Citizenship under Occupation” Area

Activities will take place in an “occupied territory” set up for the occasion outdoors.

1- Discussion : The War on Terrorism’s Impact on Civil Liberties

2- Round Table Discussion : Exit Religion ?

3- Discussion : Canada and the Militarized World

4- Discussion : Middle East under Occupation

2. “Communications for Social Change” Area

A forum on free communications and software permanently installed at the Cinémathèque québécoise, where participants will be able to touch, explore, experiment. A virtual wireless community will also be organized by Île sans fil.

1- Discussion : Civil Society and the World Summit on the Information Society

2- Discussion : Cyberdissidence and Cyberrepression

3- Workshop-Demonstration : Free software, Tools for a Different World

3. “Demonstrations” Area

“If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution.” Practical workshops for making our actions and demonstrations festive and colourful.

1- Creation of puppets with Bread and Puppets

2- Percussion with recycled materials

3- Street theatre

4- Political clown

5- Art and performances

4. “Solidarity-Based Economy Forum” Area

Come and meet artisans from the social economy and fair trade movement from Quebec and abroad during this forum where kiosks, discussions and debates will enable you to learn more !

5. “Literary and Political Cafés” Area

Political and literary debates in the cafés of the Latin Quarter.

1- Haiti : Building a Democracy

2- The Latest on Education by Lux Éditeur

3- The Community Movement in the Face of Reengineering by À bâbord

4- Against the Summit of the Americas : the Indigenous Peoples Summit

5- History of Revolution

6- Humanitarian Crisis, between Fiction and Reality

7- Stories without Borders

6. “Activist Film Festival” Area

Films and discussions with their directors at the Cinémathèque and in the area’s cafés. With the participation of Collectif des lucioles.

Thursday, September 8

Opening Panel 7:00-9:00 p.m. Global Apartheid, Global Intifada !

In the face of a relentless imperialist and militaristic attempt at world conquest, peoples attempt to rise up, sometimes in an organized way and sometimes in a chaotic way. Faced with the immensity of the challenges, what has civil society achieved, and above all, what are the courses of future action ?

Friday, September 9 and Saturday, September 10


Introductory Panel : Solidarity without Borders

Globalization creates nothing but divisions. However, local struggles enable the construction of global citizenship.

1- Seminar : Trouble in Mexico ! Towards a Strengthening of NAFTA ? Organized in cooperation with the CSN

With the failure of the FTAA, the cutbacks caused by NAFTA raise the stakes and present big challenges for Mexico. What is the dynamic of the popular Mexican movement in this context and how do we strengthen our cooperation ?

2- Round Table Discussion : Workers Unite

From Quebec to the farthest reaches of the globe, workers are linked by their common struggles.

3- Workshop : In the Belly of the Beast

In the United States, people and movements lead the fight against neoliberal policies.

4- Film and Discussion : Rebel Americas Organized in cooperation with Productions Multi-Monde

Screening of the film Musiques Rebelles Americas followed by a panel discussion and an evening of music.

5- Workshop : PPPs Attacking the Common Good

There is currently a desire to force the entry of PPPs in Quebec. Meanwhile, this medicine has been imposed on the countries of the South for a long time. How do we defend the common good ?

6- Round Table Discussion : Turbulent Start of the School Year : The Battle for Universal and Accessible Education

Students made some gains, but the battle for universal and accessible education is not over and this is tied to the Liberal Party’s policies. How should students, unions and community movements work together ?


Introductory Panel : Defending the Common Good

Defining and defending the common good allows us to rethink our trade systems and the power dynamics that run through them, and to demand real sustainable development that goes beyond the commodification of the planet.

7- Round Table Discussion/Debate : Is Fair Trade Fair ? Organized in cooperation with CECI

In the Solidarity-Based Economy Area, a round table discussion with CECI’s international guests about the changes fair trade makes to the lives of workers in the South, followed by a debate on whether fair trade is really fair.

8- Round Table Discussion : Solidarity-Based Economy : Between Local Development and Changing the World

Although it sometimes conceals the State’s disengagement, the solidarity-based economy unquestionably proposes new models for development that reshape the world. Progress report and debates.

9- Visit and Discussion : Rooftop Gardens, or How to Make Social Ecology Bloom

Bike ride to rooftop gardens and discussion of this innovative project from a social ecology perspective.

10- Video Debate with Paris : The Necessary Reform of Our Institutions

Should the anti-globalization movement, which has contributed to defeating the neoliberal European Constitution, become involved in the reform of United Nations ?

11- Round Table : What Role Does the WSF Really Play ?

We would like it to do more, faster. What role should the WSF play for the anti-globalization movement ? What are its roots in Quebec ?


Introductory Panel : A Citizen Agenda

In the face of new challenges that cities are confronting, a citizen agenda is becoming urgent on the eve of general municipal elections in Quebec. What kind of city do we want ?

12- Workshop : Changing the World, One City at a Time

Becoming involved in our neighbourhoods to change the world. In the face of democratic disenchantment, effective participation in local democracy appears to be a key strategy for renewed involvement in politics.

13- Workshop : Why Does the Political System Systematically Exclude Many of Its Citizens ?

If it is said that the city is the level at which the representation of women and ethnic minorities is greatest, why they are still such a minority on municipal councils ?

14 - Workshop : Global Cities, Local Citizens

What are global cities and what challenges do they face ? How do we become active in these mega-cities to restore a human scale to them without compromising sustainable urban development ?

15- Workshop : Participatory Budgets in Quebec and Canada

From Toronto to Guelph and then to Quebec and Montreal, a strategic workshop for people who wish to advance this idea in their community.


Montreal mayoral candidates listen to you

In the presence of Montreal mayoral candidates, workshop participants and the general public are invited to state their questions, comments, suggestions, and ideas about the city they want.

Saturday, September 10

4:00 p.m. Closing Panel

Getting Back to Work

With the challenges that await us in 2005-2006, what are our ideas for strengthening our alliances and movements capable of doing things differently, both in our neighbourhoods and around the world ? The panel will be followed by a festive march led by participants of the workshops from the “Demonstrations” Area.

9:00 p.m. Grand Finale

Rebel Music With surprise guests


Construire ensemble un monde différent

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