Journal des Alternatives

Panel sur la gentrification à Montréal (en anglais)

18 mars 2014 à 18:30

"Our streets, our stories, our future : reflections on resistance to gentrification

from the Sud-Ouest, Parc-Extension, and Hochelaga Maisonneuve"

Tuesday 18 March, at 6:30pm 7th floor,

CSU Lounge, Hall Building

(Concordia University)

1455 De Maisonneuve Ouest

Guy-Concordia Metro Station

Join us for a panel discussion taking place between representatives of community organizations

each actively fighting for housing justice in their neighbourhoods on the Island of Montreal.

The Panelists will be asked to present, based on their experiences working with gentrification

issues in their areas, how they define gentrification, what challenges they have learned from in

the past, and what the greatest issues they face in the future.

Dialogue will be encouraged between panel members, as well as questions from the audience.

Through these anecdotal presentations, there is the expectation that conversations regarding

strategies, common struggles, and a clearer picture of how gentrification struggles look like

on the island of Montreal will emerge. Participating groups on the panel will include :

- Olivier Prud’homme (Comité d’Action de Parc-Extension)

- Patricia Viannay (P.O.P.I.R)

- Jonathan Aspireault-Massé (Comité BAILS).

This event will be free and open to all, with plenty of refreshments and snacks

The presentation will take place in French, will English whisper translation available

if needed.

An invitation from students of School of Community and Public Affairs,

QPIRG Concordia, and PSSA Concordia

Concordia University - Hall Building 1455 De Maisonneuve W.,

Montréal H3G 1M8