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Wednesday 3 September 2008, by Caroline Tagny, Catherine Pappas, Darren SHORE, Feroz Mehdi, Gaëlle Janvier, Jimmy Linch, Khadija Mounib, Marcela ESCRIBANO, Michel LAMBERT, Sara Brunelle, Yasmina Moudda

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À propos de Feroz Mehdi

General Secretary, Alternatives International *

Feroz Mehdi is one of the founder member of Alternatives. He has been working on projects related to the countries in South Asia. He has also been working in education programs in Quebec and Canada organizing conferences and contributing to publication of newsletters and other documents of analysis and information.

Since 2007 he has taken the job as General Secretary of Alternatives International. The federation of AlterInter has 9 member organizations from Canada, France, Brazil, Israel, Palestine, South Africa, Niger, India and Morocco and its Secretariat is in Montreal.

À propos de Marcela ESCRIBANO

Chargée de projets Amérique Latine et Caraibes

À propos de Catherine Pappas

The Middle East and North Africa

Catherine Pappas works with Alternatives since 1997. After managing the internship program and international solidarity projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan and Palestine, she now coordinates the Middle East and North Africa programme.

Holder of an M.A. in communications from l’Université du Québec à Montréal, Catherine Pappas has also worked as a director, researcher and photographer on several photo and film documentaries with the National Film Board of Canada, Radio-Canada and several independent production companies. Her work has been nominated for a Jutra Prize for best documentary as well as prestigious photography prizes (Lux Contest).

À propos de Michel LAMBERT

Executive Director

Co-founder of Alternatives, Michel Lambert believes in the importance of uniting groups and organizations of the civil society, here and in the rest of the world, to promote democratic principles, equality and fairness for all.

Prior to being nominated Executive Director in 2007, he established and developed various international solidarity programs at Alternatives, initiated innovative global justice campaigns with civil society groups and trade unions in Quebec and Canada, and directed the Alternatives’ Democratic Republic of Congo branch from 2002 to 2005.

Michel Lambert is a member of the Board of Directors of the Alternatives International Federation, , the Board of the Association québécoise des organisme de coopération internationle (AQOCI) as well as the organization Alliance syndicats et tiers-monde. He was on Executive Council of the Association for the Progress of Communications (APC) between 2008 and 2011 and of Food Secure Canada between 2009-2012.

Michel Lambert also represents Alternatives at the International Council of the World Social Forum and within various coalitions in Quebec and Canada like Pas de démocratie sans voix, Voices/voix and the Réseau québécois de l’intégration continentale - RQIC.

Read Michel Lambert (in French) in our Journal des alternatives, the Huffington Post Quebec, or on Rabble.ca and Tweeter(Bilingual)

À propos de Caroline Tagny

International Internships and ICT Program

Holder of a graphic design degree, Caroline has always been interested in communications beyond the content. After doing an internship in South Africa with Alternatives in 2003, Caroline has worked with the community sector in Quebec, in particular with Communautique and Koumbit, two organizations involved with issues related to information and communication technologies (ICT). She has put in place many ICT projects among them community websites, and is interested in the appropriation of technologies for development as well as social communication.

À propos de Khadija Mounib

Employability and Career Development Service

Khadija works in the field of the employability intended for new immigrants. Economist by education, she has studied in Morocco, France and Canada. At the end of her academic studies in France, she established herself in Morocco where she worked in various different domains. In 1993, she immigrated to Canada where she currently resides.

Khadija Mounib is the author of several articles on the integration problems of cultural communities in Canada and has given many conferences on the same topic. After going through the immigration process herself, she joined Alternatives’ team in 1997.

À propos de Yasmina Moudda

Accountant, Alternatives International *

As the captain of Algeria’s National basketball team, Yasmina has traveled throughout the world, which allowed her to see for herself the social inequalities and injustice in the countries she visited. These reasons helped her in her choice to join Alternatives in April 1998 to work in an organization that fights to reduce poverty, social inequalities as well as the eradication of injustices in regards to social and economic development. She is particularly concerned with the issues of women’s rights in Muslim countries. Yasmina holds a degree in Administration and Account Management. She is the head accountant of Alternatives International.

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