Communications internships 2007-2008

Wednesday 12 April 2006

Internships available 2007-2008

Alternatives in collaboration with the Canadian International Development Agency and the Youth Employment Strategy is happy to offer one internship in community communications. This 6 month internship includes one month of training in Montreal and a five month work component with a host organization in India.

(This internship description is subject to change)

Position: Communications officer, India

Doosra Dashak is an education organization that offers human rights training programs for young people ages 11 to 20. The objective is to reinforce leadership and community involvement capacities of young people in localities of the Rajastan region. The organization has been active since 2001 and to date has offered trainings to over 2000 individuals, effectively stimulating the region’s civil society to become more active in social and economic development projects.

1. Placement objectives

2. Eligibility criteria

3. Placement descriptions

4. FAQ

5. Important dates to remember

6. To apply

7. Sign up to the Info-stages bulletin!

1. Placement objectives

Communications internships aim to support countries in the south and partner organizations to create development strategies to improve the dissemination of alternative and independent communications. Participants not only benefit from an enriching work experience, but also the opportunity to collaborate in solidarity with a partner organization in the South..

2. Eligibility critera

Candidates must:

 be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or person granted refugee status in Canada

 be between the ages of 19 and 30, inclusively

 have a post-secondary diploma (technical certificate, Cégep or university)

 not have already done a Youth Employment Strategy (YES) internship

 be underemployed or unemployed

 not be in receipt of Employment Insurance Benefits

 be willing to contribute to the costs of the internship via fundraising or other means

 be medically screened and approved by Alternatives

 have the appropriate interpersonal qualities to live and work effectively in another culture


3. Placement descriptions

Placement: Communications officer, India

The participant will contribute to human rights education initiatives with Doosra Dashak to develop a communication strategy and trainings for vulnerable populations in the region of Rajastan.

 Assist the team at Doosra Dashak to develop a communications strategy

 Train the Doosra Dashak team on external communications methodologies

 Support the team in elaborating tools to communicate information on citizenship and human rights issues for marginalized populations of the region of Rajasthan

Necessary skills qualifications:

 A university or college (céjep) diploma in public relations, communications, journalism or a field related to community development

 A good knowledge of the English language.

Training in Montreal

Alternatives offers participants a full-time training program in order to prepare them well for the overseas component of the internship program. Participants follow country-specific trainings, as well as thematic trainings on international development issues, including sociopolitical context and current events. Our overseas project officers offer these trainings. Other resource people such as former interns, youth programs officers and thematic experts are also involved in the training process.

In addition, the participant will be tasked to:

 Organize fundraising activities and public education activities related to the project

 Participate in a short internship with a community organization in the Montreal area that provides trainings to young adults

 Participate in a pre-departure training at the Centre for Intercultural Learning, Ottawa

 Write a report on the training process and knowledge gained for the host organization in India.

Overseas internship

During the training portion in Montreal, the project officer from Alternatives will show the participant how to finalize aspects of the project description once overseas. Once arrived at the host organization, the participant will take a week to get acquainted with the new environment: move into accommodations, introduce themselves to their partners and familiarize themselves with the area, etc. After this, the participant will engage in carrying out the work plan in accordance with the needs and priorities of the host organization.


4. FAQ

Who funds these internships?

These internships are funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

Are these internships paid?

Alternatives provides a weekly stipend of $250 for the three month training in Montreal and from $200 to $250 weekly for the overseas component, depending on the country of placement. In addition, Alternatives covers the following internship costs:

 return air fare to the overseas placement
 lodging overseas
 medical insurance with the Blue Cross
 visas if applicable

Interns must cover the following costs:

 medical exams

Can I apply to defer my student loan payments?

Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) extends interest relief to eligible Canada Student Loan borrowers participating in the international internships. The responsibility for applying for deferral will remain solely with the intern, however Alternatives will provide a letter to be attached to the first application, confirming sponsorship.

Why do I have to fundraise?

Although the placement is funded by CIDA, it also relies on significant financial and in-kind contributions from Alternatives and the overseas partner agency. All interns must fundraise to help cover the general programmatic costs of the program before leaving for their placement.

Where will I live once overseas?

This depends on the country of placement. In some cases, interns will be placed with host families, while in other countries, interns stay in apartments or guest houses.

Who are the overseas partners?

Our partners are organisations working towards improving economic, social and political rights of persons and communities affected by poverty, discrimination, exploitation and violence.

**NEW - For more information on our overseas partners and our placements, please consult our website at: **


Important dates to remember:

Info-stages evening: Wednesday, 2 May at 6pm,at Alternatives, 3720 av. Du Parc, Montreal
2nd floor.

Application deadline: 25 May

Interviews: first week of June

Internship start date: beginning August

Overseas placement: beginning September

6. To apply:

Please send your cv and cover letter to the attention of the ‘selection committee’, at Please indicate that you are applying for the internship in communications in the subject heading.

7. Sign up to our Internship Mailing List

Every two weeks, you will receive a newsletter updating you on upcoming internships, application procedures, etc. As well, this newsletter will inform you of conferences, fundraising events and jobs in and around the greater Montreal area. Please note that this newsletter is only available in French.

To sign up, simply send us an email with your name to the following address:


These internships are possible thanks to the collaboration
of The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

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