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Youth Eco Internship Program

Monday 5 October 2009

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n collaboration withe Youth Eco Internship Program of the YMCA Canada, Alternatives is offering an assistant to the environment and urban agriculture programs in Montreal

The Rooftop Garden project (a collaboration between Alternatives and the Santropol Roulant) is an unique community initiative who addresses food security, environmental health and urban ecology. Our innovative gardens empowr urban residents to produce their own food, green their neighbourhoods and build healthy communities.

Alternatives is an actor recognized in the field of urban agriculture with its Rooftop garden project, which won a Phénix award in the sustainable development category in 2008, and the Urban Design prize from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) for its project in collaboration with McGill University. Alternatives develops with many local and international partners innovative models of urban agriculture.

By joining us, the intern will have the rare opportunity to familiarizing himself with new sustainable solutions, while working in a dynamic a devoted team. For more information on the Rooftop Garden Project please vist our website: .

Under the supervision of Alternatives’ Environment Project Officer, the intern will support the coordination of Alternatives local and international urban agriculture projects. This internship will allow a young canadian to participate in the development of a concrete urban agriculture experience.

Tasks and responsibilities

Alternatives creates will many local and international partners innovative models of urban agriculture. The intern will experiment the different sides of an urban agriculture project: soil-less agriculture and permaculture techniques, management of an urban environmental project, reduction of urban heat islands, promotion of an healthy lifestyle, waste management, networking of an environmental project in an international context. As a member of Alternatives’ team, the intern wi be invited to participate in the organisations’ activities and team meetings. Supervised by the Environment Project Officer, the intern will:

 Help develop new gardens and new gardening activities (balconies and rooftops);
 Coordinate gardeners groups in many gardens (organize meetings, supervize activities, do a follow-up and write reports);
 Help to represent the organisation and the project;
 Collaborate in urban agrilculture project writting at a locally and internationally;
 Collaborate in networking Alternatives and its international partners on urban agriculture and soial ecology;
 Help advertise gardening techniques and distribute the "ready-to-grow" kits;
 Help plan and organize public events.

Qualifications and skills required

 Post-secondary graduate in a diploma related to environmental sciences
 Good knowledge of urban agriculture and the community sector
 Autonomy and dynamism
 Good writting skills
 Capcity to work in a team
 Good organisational skills;
 Gardening experience, good knowledge of ecological gardening
 At ease with office software (word, excel, powerpoint)
 Fluent in english and in french.

Other skills a plus:

 A knowledge of spanish and portugese

Eligibility criteria

You must be:

 Between the ages of 15 and 30
 A Canadian citizen, permanent resident or a person to whom refugee protection has been granted under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
 Legally entitled to work in Canada
 Legally entitled to work in your province or territory
 A post-secondary graduate.

To submit your application

To apply, fill out the form on the website mentioning that you are applying for an internship with Alternatives

Please join your resume and a motivation letter answering minimally the following questions:

 What is your vision the concepts of urban agriculture and food sovereignty in a local and an international level
 How are you going to contribute to the Rooftop Garden project of Alternatives?
 What is your motivation do an internship with Alternatives?

Also, send us a copy of your resume and motivation letter to:

Deadline to apply: November 13 2009

Interviews: First week of December 2009

Internship durantion 9 months full time, 35 hours a week

Salary: 14$ an hour

Starting date: January 2010 to beginning of September 2010

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