Appropriate Technology in Kinshasa

Sunday 21 September 2003, by Michel LAMBERT

Within the framework of a project to renovate a centre for persons with disabilities in Limete, Kinshasa, Alternatives has recently launched a pilot experience (May 2003) aimed at promoting the use of adapted and less expensive construction technologies. Adobe brick (made of clay) is definitely cheaper to produce, but above all offers undeniable weather-resistant qualities.

The Centre houses 250 disabled persons and their spouses and children (350 additional people). This project, which will essentially rebuild the centre’s health facilities, aims to clean up the natural living environment, improve the hygiene and health conditions of the Centre’s residents and, finally, to propose a study of adapted health equipment using adobe brick, which could be resumed and reproduced elsewhere.

At the same time, the project will enable the site’s electrical networks and potable water to be improved.

Michel Lambert is the Director of the Kinshasa branch of Alternatives

À propos de Michel LAMBERT

Executive Director

Co-founder of Alternatives, Michel Lambert believes in the importance of uniting groups and organizations of the civil society, here and in the rest of the world, to promote democratic principles, equality and fairness for all.

Prior to being nominated Executive Director in 2007, he established and developed various international solidarity programs at Alternatives, initiated innovative global justice campaigns with civil society groups and trade unions in Quebec and Canada, and directed the Alternatives’ Democratic Republic of Congo branch from 2002 to 2005.

Michel Lambert is a member of the Board of Directors of the Alternatives International Federation, , the Board of the Association québécoise des organisme de coopération internationle (AQOCI) as well as the organization Alliance syndicats et tiers-monde. He was on Executive Council of the Association for the Progress of Communications (APC) between 2008 and 2011 and of Food Secure Canada between 2009-2012.

Michel Lambert also represents Alternatives at the International Council of the World Social Forum and within various coalitions in Quebec and Canada like Pas de démocratie sans voix, Voices/voix and the Réseau québécois de l’intégration continentale - RQIC.

Read Michel Lambert (in French) in our Journal des alternatives, the Huffington Post Quebec, or on and Tweeter(Bilingual)

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