Alternatives’ Tour for a Global Peace

March 27, 28 & 29. Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec.

Wednesday 14 March 2007

The world is striving for dignity, peace and justice. However this does not prevent conflicts to erupt across the planet. Nowadays, it is not rare to hear about the “War of civilizations”, as if it is a fatality. Even worse, the search for global peace is often seen as utopic, or as a naive idea coming from absurd, unrealistic minds.

Nonetheless, in the zones of conflict across the world, some people and organizations are working, and at times under extremely dangerous conditions, to reestablish bridges between people. They have understood that this was the only way out for those millions of people living in zones devastated by war. Despite it being an uphill battle, they know that defeatism results from looking at things as static, unchangeable. Thus they strive for positive changes against all odds.

From March 27 to 29 in Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, the Alternatives’ Tour invites you to meet many of these architects of the peoples’ dialogue. The Tour includes conferences, debates and film screenings with the search for a global and just peace as the central theme. From Kabul to Baghdad, passing by Washington, London and Montreal, Jerusalem or Gaza, the world hopes for nothing less.


Mustafa Barghouti (Palestine)
President, Palestine National Initiative

Eileen Kuttab (Palestine)
Director, Institute of Women’s Studies, Birzeit University

Phyllis Bennis (United-States)
Director, New Internationalism Project
Institute for Policy Studies

Afrasiab Khattak (Pakistan)
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

Michael Warschawski (Israel)
Journalist and peace activist

Testimonies with invited guests from Baghdad:
Aliaa Mahuad, Amar Sbrey and Mssar Naser

Tuesday March 27 2007

Montreal - 10:00 am - Press conference, Centre St-Pierre, 1212 Panet St.

Montreal - 1:00 pm - Conference “Towards Global Peace” (in English), McGill University, Leacock Building, room 232

Montreal - 7:00 pm - Conference “Towards Global Peace” (in French) at the Maison Théâtre (245, Ontario East)

Wednesday March 28 2007

Ottawa - 12:00 pm - Conference “Towards Global Peace” (English and french) at the University of Ottawa

Montreal - 7:30 pm -Film screening “ Afghan Chronicles” and videos by the Tel Rumeida Project followed by a discussion with the filmmakers at the Ciné-Club du Musée Juste Pour Rire, 2101, St-Laurent Boulevard.

Thursday March 29 2007

Quebec - 7: 30 pm - Conference “Towards Global Peace” and film screening with the Tel Rumeida Project followed by a discussion with the filmmakers at the École nationale d’administration publique, 555, Charest East Boulevard.


Mustafa Barghouti (Palestine). A doctor by profession, human rights activist and elected member of the Palestinian Authority, Mustafa Barghouti initiated the founding of several medical relief anda id organizations in Palestine. In the year 2002 along with Edward Said, he founded the Palestinian National Initiative, with a belief in the necessity of a third front between Hamas and Fatah. Candidate for the post of the President in the last elections, Barghouti was elected to the Palestine Legislative Council in January 2006.

Phyllis Bennis (USA). A researcher associated with the Institute of Policy Studies in Washington D.C. Phyllis Bennis is presently the Director of New Internationalism Project. As a journalist in the UNO, she pointed out the weaknesses of the UNO in face of the first Gulf war. In many articles in the same period she denounced the war, economic blocades and occupation. She is an expert on questions related to the Middle East and the UNO.

Afrasiab Khattak (Pakistan). A leader in his student days, politician, writer, constitutional expert and a human rights activist. In the 1980s his political stand opposing the dictatorship of Zia-ul-Haq made him an exile in Afghanistan where he stayed for several years. In 1999 Afrasiab Khattak was elected the President of the renowned Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. He has recieved several death threats for his position against the « honour killings in Peshawar. He is presently a leader of the Awami National Party working towards democratization of the society in Pakistan.

Michael Warschawski (Israel). A veteran journalist, Michel Warschawski is a well known figure in the peace movement in Palestine and Israel. Known as ‘Mikado’ to his friends and associates, he is the founder of the Alternative Information Center, a joint Palestinian-Israeli organization. He advocates a dialogue between all sections of the society and emphasizes the necessity of a bi-national state where Palestinians and Israelis cohabit.

Film screening:

Chroniques Afghanes (National Film Board, 2007)
The filmmaker Dominic Morrissette follows the production and distribution of a popular magazine Killid in the streets of Kabul. An excellent document on the conflicts and challenges faced by the Afghans today.

Tel Rumeida Project (Hebron, Palestine)
Tel Rumeida is a small Palestinian neighborhood widely-acknowledged as housing the most violent and extremist faction of the Israeli settler movement. Palestinian families who live directly next to these settlers are often virtual prisoners in their homes, subject to the settlers’ violent attacks and destruction of property. Tel Rumeida Project is an international volunteer project which was started in August 2005 and has documented on film the abuse and violence inflicted on Palestinians by the settlers.

For further information:

In Montreal : Alternatives
3720, av. du parc, extension 300
Phone : (514) 982-6606
E-mail :

In Quebec : Alternatives
266, St-Vallier ouest
Phone : (418) 521-4000
E-mail :

This event is presented in collaboration with the McGill Centre for Developing Areas Studies and the University of Ottawa and is made possible due to the financial support of the Canadian International Development Agency.

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