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Strength lies in unity

7 November 2008

Strength lies in unity, it is the vision which spurs on those citizens who work for a better distribution of wealth. Strength in unity is also what helps those who fight for the respect of fundamental rights. For people devastated by war, strength in unity is what brings reconciliation, transforming their lives for the better.

As we approach the end of 2008, we find ourselves saturated by words like food crisis and economic recession. But let’s not give up! Together we can achieve a positive impact on this world. Here’s how:

Alternatives is active in the Americas, in the Caribbean, in Asia, in Africa and in the Middle East. Everywhere, we support innovative initiatives developed by popular movements which are fighting to eradicate the conditions which harm our chances for peace: poverty, injustice, human exploitation and violence. We succeed in strengthening these citizen actions because people like you share our sense of justice and solidarity.

Your tax deductible gift will help thousands of people enjoy the same liberties that you and I take for granted. Here’s an example:

In 2003, Morocco witnessed the most murderous attacks that it had ever known. The violence was largely perpetrated by young people from Casablanca’s disadvantaged neighbourhoods. But these young people are no the only ones to suffer from unemployment and rights violations. With our partner, Alternatives Forum in Morocco, we offer Moroccan youth a new perspective.

We give them the tools to get organised, hold events, manage projects and create networks with established social movements. In this way, they are given the chance to become an integral part of their society. They can now dialogue constructively with their government instead of resorting to violence. In essence, they are given the tools necessary to push for the adoption of policies that are adapted to their needs, that promote human rights and that target poverty issues.

Thanks to donors like you, these young people now hold the key to building a peaceful future to the benefit of all in Morocco.

We stand for participatory democracy. We work to build tools to mobilize people and promote strategies that will inspire people in their efforts to build sustainable societies. And this goal is not just local, it’s global…

By reaching out to young people as well as to workers, women and entire communities, you contribute to building a world where there is more justice, more democracy and more peace.

You would agree with me that what happens in the Southern Hemisphere has a big impact on what happens in the North, and vice versa! The world food crisis and the current economic disturbances have an impact on social policies here and elsewhere. The reality of this only serves to underline the importance of our work throughout the world and here in Canada, where we work to raise awareness to the need for an active global citizenship movement.

The context in which we live demands that we become citizens of the world. Alternatives is a world citizen and you are too, because I know that you want to act for world peace. That is why I want you at our side. Solidarity is the key to change.

By bringing together our strengths, we can work together to create a world of peace.

Michel Lambert

Executive Director

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