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Solidarity 2009

18 March 2009

Letter from Michel Lambert, Alternatives’ Executive director

Something of global importance is happening in 2009 – the flaws in our economic system are becoming clear, even to world leaders.

Our decision makers are beginning to examine ways to reform the capitalist system, which they see has its limits. But Alternatives and other organizations of concerned citizens has seen this long ago, and for years, have been developing projects on the principles of sustainable development, equity and universal access to essential services.

This recognition that we must find a better way gives us the ideal opportunity to show the value of our approach. Alternatives is your main instrument to promote policies that advocate change.

Like me, you stand in solidarity with those who need us.

You stand in solidarity:
• with developing countries which are increasingly impoverished;
• with local communities which are deprived of control over their own resources;
• with citizens who see their lands flooded, their forests devastated, their houses demolished because of wars, the looting of natural resources and global warming;
• with all citizens who take action for lasting change.

Our mission continues in 2009. For instance, we work with the Iraqi people who have witnessed the disintegration of their society, socially and politically as well as economically, since the end of Saddam Hussein’s regime. Alternatives is actively involved to consolidate a free press which speaks for all sectors of society, and to ensure the government listens to human rights groups as it rebuilds.

We are also helping workers in Central America who endure harassment, repression and death threats, and are sometimes even murdered; just because they want to organize a labour union! In many countries of the region we strive to reinforce the union movement so that employers and governments will act on the workers’ demands to ensure their rights are respected.

From now on, decision makers and the global justice movement can all agree that we need a different world. Your involvement is vital at the beginning of this landmark year, in which our appeals for a more just world resonate with others. Please make a gift to Alternatives today and join the growing number of citizens who support the need to bring in solutions which are efficient, coherent and supportive. Thank you!

Michel Lambert

Executive Director

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