Journal des Alternatives

OneWorld Canada

ALTERNATIVES, 1 October 2002

Alternatives recently helped launch the Canadian edition of OneWorld, the largest civil-society portal on the web. With over 1,250 partners, and 11 centres located throughout the world, OneWorld helps amplify and internationalise the voices of civil society.

Alternatives, as the host organisation of OneWorld Canada, is currently reinforcing the Canadian partnership base, bringing a French presence to the OneWorld network (OneWorld Canada features content in both English and French) and ensuring that the Canadian perspective are heard throughout the world.

OneWorld centres support a wider network of partner organisations - a diverse community of organisations all sharing a common aim of using the Internet to promote sustainable development and human rights. Partner organisations provide the content from which OneWorld editorial teams produce the best online information resource for people interested and active in sustainable development and human rights. Partners include UN agencies, NGOs of all sizes and missions, and groups tackling poverty and promoting empowerment in the South.

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