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Meeting between the Canada-Palestine parliamentary association and the honourable Mustapha Barghouti, Palestinian Minister of Information

11 April 2007

Ottawa, April 4, 2007 - On March 29, the Executive Committee of the Canada-Palestine Parliamentary Association met with the Minister of information for the Palestinian National Unity Government, the Honourable Mustapha Barghouti. Mr. Barghouti is the first representative of the Palestinian government to come to Canada since the Harper government announced the suspension of Canadian aid to the Palestinian Authority in March 2006.

The meeting, held in Parliament, was frankly cordial and gave the participants a better understanding, on the eve of the Arab League Summit in Riyadh, of the current situation in Palestine and the importance of Canada’s role, both on the diplomatic level and in terms of public development aid to the Palestinian nation.

Réal Ménard, MP for Hochelaga, and the Honourable Senator Lucie Pépin, the Association’s co-chairs, criticized the Canadian government for refusing to receive Minister Barghouti during his stay in Canada.

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