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19 January 2009

Letter from Michel Lambert, Alternatives’ Executive director

On behalf of Alternatives, I extend to you my most sincere good wishes for peace and solidarity in 2009.

You already know that building sustainable peace involves more than simply laying down arms. That’s why Alternatives supports those men and women who work to achieve healthier communities, to get better access to essential services and to ensure rigorous governance by those in power. We will have more success in building sustainable societies if we support initiatives that come from popular and social movements.

That is why I am asking for your help.

Our world wants measurable results. But it is difficult to do that when it comes to progress in environmental protection, equality between men and women and respect for human rights. Yet, Alternatives believes these are the essential goals which should motivate all of us. And we can see the tangible results.

Take the example of Afghanistan:

While the Canadian government and NATO are counting on their soldiers to bring calm and security to this embattled country, Alternatives is focusing on education and peace initiatives. We use your contribution and those of many other donors, to support a newspaper and videos, and to organize seminars for young people so they can become real ambassadors of peace.

Your donation is vital so that we can maintain these projects which have a real impact and which could not take place without your help. Thank you!

Michel Lambert

Executive Director

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