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Italian Farmer Vows Green Revolution

19 November 2008

“Enough of all this bad news, this is good news. It just takes one small company to make a start and then others will
follow. We are not a big multinational, they are not the ones that will make the change. It is the small companies like us,
together, who will do it and make a big impact.” So proclaimed Lorenzo Fasola-Bologna, a small Italian olive and wine
producer from Umbria.

He calls his project a 360 degree Green Revolution, “It is not about changing one thing, it’s about making many multilayered
changes. It’s a 360-degree change!” He has set himself a challenge: to cut his family farm’s CO2 emissions to zero by
the end of 2009. Playing arbiter is a Norwegian company, known for its expertise in checking global CO2 emissions, that
will track and verify that Monte Vibiano’s total carbon footprint has been reduced to zero by the deadline.

Fasola-Bologna’s family has owned the castle and surrounding land called Castello Monte Vibiano near Mercatello,
about 15 miles south of Perugia, for centuries. Fasola-Bologna’s father, Andrea, the man who injected his son with the
love for their land, proudly and wholeheartedly supports his son’s project. “Something had to be done fast,” Andrea said.
“Anyone who works on the land knows that the climate is changing and something is wrong.”

Helped by a group of young European engineers, bio-experts and university researchers in “green thinking,” Fasola-
Bologna and his family launched the project in grand style. They unveiled a unique electric-vehicle recharging station
powered exclusively by the sun, a clean and renewable energy. The station, placed in between the winery and olive-oil
press, is a large encased battery with rotating solar panels placed on top that can store solar energy for up to 10 days.
Soon it will store energy for more days and should power all the farm’s and employees’ electric scooters and vehicles.

The rest of the 360-degree green revolution includes using solar energy for power, wood-chip boilers for hot water, the
latest in bio-fuels to run tractors, planting trees to offset CO2 emissions, painting storage containers with special white
paint to reflect the sunlight off the earth and providing bicycles for employees who wish to bike to work.

- ABC News

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