Journal des Alternatives


World Social Forum 2006 - Caracas, Venezuela

From pre to post capitalist society and we haven’t even had lunch yet !

Chad LUBELSKY, 23 janvier 2006

CARACAS - Yesterday was the opening march. For those who have been to the WSF in Brazil, there was less red, fewer hammer and sickles, and less flags in general. For those who haven’t been to Brazil the experience was completely different - a wonderfuly colourful and boisterous march that was definitely one of the best they had ever attended. There were similar accross the spectrum reactions at the show later on. In this way the experience was very World Social Forumesque - depending on where you’ve been, and where you’re going, what you saw, felt and understood was dramatically different. The bands were great though. Dancing in the rain is a good thing.

Today, Day 1, things really get underway. Workshops, panels, discussions, it’s all there. Life in a post-captialist society ? Head to the Hilton of course. Life in a pre-capitalist society - for that you need to go the parque est. I think I am going to a local development workshop before the workshop Alex and I are facilitating on story telling and using rooftop gardens as an example of how to draw people to your movement. We, of couse, have no idea how many people will be there or what language it will be in. We’re trying to plan for a little bit of everything. Quick plug : it’s at the Hilton, Tore Norte, mezzanine ! If you can translate into Spanish you are especially welcome !