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Manuelle Ann Boissonneault, 10 April 2008

Alternatives’ members and friends are invited to participate in the strategic planning process, which aims to establish the organization’s main courses of action for the upcoming years. Six panels will be taking place from now until 7 June 2008. The presentations will be delivered in French but feel free to participate in English.

• Immigration between Neo-liberalism and Social Alternatives
Monday 31 March 2008- 18:00
Alternatives, 3720 Parc Avenue, (Place-des-Arts Metro), 2 floor

• The Quebec Social Movement and the Quebec Social Forum
Monday 21 April 2008- 18:00
Alternatives, 3720 Parc Avenue, (Place-des-Arts Metro), 2 floor

• Information and alternative communication in Quebec city: perspectives for Alternatives Wednesday, 7 May 2008 - 19:00 - Quebec office

• Social Ecology for a Sustainable Society
Monday 12 May 2008- 18:00
Alternatives, 3720 Parc Avenue, (Place-des-Arts Metro), 2 floor

• Communications for Change
Saturday 7 June 2008- 15:00 (In the framework for Alternatives’ General Assembly)
Saint-Pierre Centre, 1212 Panet Street (Beaudy Metro), room 100

• For a Global Peace
Saturday 7 June 2008-19:00
Saint-Pierre Centre, 1212 Panet Street, room 100

Come reflect with us and contribute to the discussions that will determine our vision!
For more information, please contact Manuelle Ann Boissonneault at 514-982-6606 ext. 2240 or write to Manuelle Ann.

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