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The Rooftop Garden Project

Follow this link to see the Rooftop Garden Project website.

The Rooftop Gardening Project is an innovative partnership between Alternatives and the Santropol Roulant, a Montreal-based community organisation. Together we are making widespread rooftop gardening a reality in Montreal and around the world. Our novel soil-less gardens empower urban residents to produce their own food, green their neighbourhoods and build healthy communities.

This summer, Alternatives, Santropol Roulant and a range of other partners will continue to operate our major demonstration garden on the roof of the University of Quebec’s TéléUniversité (TelUQ) building. This 500 square meter garden is situated in the heart of the densely populated Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood. It will be coordinated and maintained by Santropol Roulant volunteersto provide vegetables for their meals-on-wheels service.

The demonstration garden is also a promotion and education centre for community members and volunteers. Our team delivers workshops in the garden, empowering participants to build similar gardens in their own homes. Start-up kits will be made available at the workshops to enable people across Montreal to convert their rooftops into lush and productive gardens.

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