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Alternatives Days 2005


Alternatives Days


September 8-9-10, 2005

While cynicism is growing both at home and abroad towards traditional political institutions, which are all too often subordinate to economic contingencies, new ways to become involved in politics are emerging : students take to the streets and make a government back down, tireless landless movements obtain agrarian reform, cities innovate and reinvent public participation, thousands of citizens have their own Social Forum to share their experiences. The need to reshape our democracy and methods of governance is becoming an imperative here and elsewhere.

This is what the 2005 Alternatives Days proposes : To create spaces for debating the struggles and alliances that inspire us by demonstrating how each of these battles, however local, is part of a global resistance for the common good. Because by strengthening our social movement here, preparing for our battles and consolidating our alliances in Quebec and Canada, we are contributing to a global movement. Alternatives invites you to come and listen, exchange, discuss, debate, mobilize !

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