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It can come as no great shock when, after giving your credit card number and assorted personal details to a late-night television psychic, their subsequent prediction is that you will become a victim of bank fraud. And what, pray tell, happens when public money is given to resuscitate myopic and amoral private enterprises that are proving to be shrewd and rather discriminating paupers in spite of their dismal records of commercial ineptitude? Heads they win, tails we lose. There is a renewed poignancy to the tragedy of the commons, which began sometime in the distant past with (...)
March is International Women’s Month. And what better way is there to celebrate the contributions to our planet of more than 50% of the world’s people than to offer them a full 1/12 of the year as a token of gratitude. Yes, a whopping 31 days— note that Women were not short changed with one of those 30-day months like September, which incidentally and without a hint of bitterness, is (seriously and sadly) Be Kind to Editors & Writers Month, nor were they offered the diminutive February like those who are unfortunate enough to be (again seriously and sadly, but for altogether (...)
Two beings, alike in dignity, determination and dedication, became engaged in a standoff. Neither was willing to blink for fear that in that split second their adversary would finally strike. The result? Neither blinked. Their eyes dried-out, blinding them both. A scorpion happens across a frog and asks him for a ride across the river. The Frog, wary of his potentially lethal interlocutor, queries, “If I help you across the river, will you promise not to sting me?” Quoth the Scorpion, “Kind Frog, I am King of the Scorpions, if you help me I shall tell all of my subjects to protect (...)
Two glasses walk into a bar… don’t stop me if you’ve heard this one because I would like to tell it again. The glass that is half-empty says: Fourteen billion years ago there was a big bang, and it has been downhill ever since. In no particular order, famine, disease, war, disasters natural and otherwise- the list could go on- are all in plentiful supply on this world of ours. Let us not forget the shambles of a government that is currently presiding over the people of (insert name here). Those who have a democracy, which as they say is the worst form of government except for all (...)
08.08.2008 marked the end of a unipolar world. The launch of the Beijing Olympics highlighted the re-emergence of China as a world power and the end of US hegemony. However Russia’s invasion of Georgia- and the emergence of Southern powers show that the post-American world will not necessarily be a bipolar one. On the first day of the Olympics, as the eyes of the world turned to China, Russia invaded Georgia- an American ally. For the first time since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Moscow rolled over a sovereign state. The message to West-leaning countries in the region (...)
The World Trade Organization’s inappropriately named Doha “Development” Round was suspended indefinitely following the collapse of minister-level negotiations last month in Geneva. This stalemate is the latest in a round plagued by ministerial conference failures in Cancun 2003 and Geneva in 2006. Developing countries, having seen few signs of the development they were promised at the outset, have scored a halfway victory by not acquiescing to another asymmetrical trade deal. The real challenge, though, remains ahead of developing countries- and social movements all around the (...)
In Canada, we like to think that we live in a progressive country, a country that stands for peace, human rights and democracy. However a quick look at Canada’s stance on some of the most pressing issues at home and abroad suggests otherwise. While Canada condemns other countries such as Zimbabwe and Sudan for their human rights violations, the Federal government does not shy away from violating the rights Canada’s indigenous population which includes some of the world’s most marginalized and frequently victimized peoples. The Canadian government has admitted to the United Nations (...)
The much-anticipated Bouchard-Taylor report on reasonable accommodation was published last month with its 37 recommendations calling for a review of interculturalism, immigration, secularism, and the theme of Quebec identity. The report was a positive one for minorities. It identified French Quebeckers’ anxiety of accommodation as a “crisis of perception.” It added that while the identity inherited from the French-Canadian past was perfectly legitimate, it could no longer occupy the Quebec identity space alone. “It mush hinge on the other identities present, in a spirit of (...)
Welcome to the inaugural edition of Alternatives International Journal. Alternatives International is a network of alter-globalist social and political movements, founded in 2004 by 9 organizations from Brazil, Canada, France, India, Israel, Morocco, Niger, Palestine and South Africa. The journal is made possible through the participation of a volunteer editorial board, with written submissions from academics, activist, and journalists who believe that there is a need for a progressive, independent forum to inform, inspire and mobilize people to transform our communities and our (...)


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