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Alternatives International Journal

Alternatives International’s Montreal Secretariat started a new monthly publication called Alternatives International Journal in May 2008. The journal aspires to inform, inspire and mobilize people to transform our communities and our world.

It is brought to you by academics, activists, journalists and researchers who believe that there is a need for a progressive, independent forum to represent people and issues that are generally not represented or underrepresented in conventional media.

The journal is made possible through the participation of a volunteer editorial board, with written submissions from people who share Alternative International’s mission. The publication features articles, interviews, topical commentaries and book reviews. We invite everyone who shares our vision to contact us to get involved and strongly encourage readers’ comments.

Alternatives also publishes, Alternatives le journal, in French, which is available on line.

We invite you to get involved, encourage you to drop us a line with your comments at

Happy Reading!

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