The Triumph of the People

Wednesday 26 April 2006, by Tapan Kumar Bose

The people of Nepal have triumphed. Last night (April 24, 2006) Nepal‚s dictator, King Gyanendra gave in to their demands. Bowing to the pressure of the mass movement the king declared his acceptance of the roadmap to peace drawn up by the Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists. He proclaimed the reinstatement of the parliament which was dissolved on May 22, 2004. He called, upon the Seven Party Alliance to bear the responsibility of taking the nation on the path to national unity and prosperity.

Till the early hours of this morning Nepalese people were dancing and singing. I doubt if any one slept at all. Now they are out on the streets again to celebrate the victory. The leaders of the Seven Party Alliance were meeting in the house of G. P. Koirala this morning. Thousands of vigilant pro-democracy activists patiently waited outside to hear what the leaders would decide. It was a replay of the same scene of April 22, when the people had gathered outside Koirala‚s house to tell the leaders to reject the king‚s invitation to name a Prime Minister. Today they were to make sure that the leaders did not deviate from the roadmap drawn up by the 12 Point Agreement.

The leaders of the Seven Party Alliance did not disappoint the people. At the conclusion of the meeting they informed the people who were waiting outside that "The announcement of Constituent Assembly elections will be the main agenda of the reinstated parliament," Calling on the Maoists to support the revived parliament the Seven Party Alliance has reiterated their commitment to the 12 point agreement. The Alliance spokesperson added, "The people will take their decision through constituent assembly elections."

The Seven Party Alliance should recognize that this is not the «Parliament» of the old. It is a revolutionary stage erected on the sacrifice of the masses. This stage is painted with the blood of the martyrs. Those who will sit on this stage must be aware that they have been put on the pedestal by the toiling masses of Nepal to fulfil the unfinished task of the revolution. A movement that the Maoists of Nepal began with guns has been transformed into a peaceful mass movement for social and economic justice, political freedom and a true democratic polity. The people who made the sacrifice are waiting for justice.

The seven political parties must make a public pledge today. They must pledge to work together as a united group, shunning their partisan identities. The «Interim Government» that they will form has its mandate from the people and it is to the people that they must remain answerable. The monarchy of Nepal has been consigned to history.

We salute the people of Nepal.

Tapan Kumar Bose

South Asia Forum for Human Rights


12.30 P.M. April 25, 2006

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